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THE MOTIVATION by Lord Netty + K-David, featuring Gryll

Keenan. Its great! Did you and Arthur ever consider finding a local musician, an artist, someone with a horn, or a trumpet, that can play solo as a thread and during the bridge? Attach someone with some cred, with a name, add them to a 2nd mix, with the talent highlighted, then let their celebrity give you a lift. Its a great song. Its has room for a solo sound. A signature kind of thing. I'm sure there are some Jazz legends living in Gary that would fit the bill on my suggestion. / If not Jazz, maybe another direction? PSSST!! Simmie is best friends with Jermaine. He's crazy. Pitch Simmie. He'll do it if you write it out and present it like that. We can package We On and Shotgun inside the pitch. / My old boss at Playboy used to tell me, "Give them a chance to say no." / Simmie Williams (219) 512-2877 / / Say #yes.

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