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Chang is the only constant. Everything’s new. Again. We could smell it coming.

Today’s consumer is a pro and expects more. Content that is creative. Clever. Access and engagement to niche + pop culture. Fun. Engaging. Dynamic relationships between brands and users. Don’t talk down. Talk UP. Embrace the future. Experience the talk. Walk the walk. / Loyalty isn’t free. It’s earned. Let’s give them a better show.

We tell stories. Through Creative Direction, Photography, and Videography.
The DOG + PONY Show TV studio is a digital space + venue where creatives, editors, and producers develop visual + audio branded packages. Our agency is a ragtag team of digital and analog gurus and experts, practiced and proven in the halls of advertising, branding, art, design, copywriting, photography, videography and storytelling.

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YOU cannot make art without RISK any more than you can make babies without sex.
— Francis Ford Coppola